Financial and Social Affects of Sonar Reality

When researching I was trying too make sure that the product Sonar Reality is cost efficient but also affordable. A normal Virtual realty goggles on average cost around $500 depending on the brand and what type of Virtual reality you do get. On average a pair of hearing aids will cost you over 5 years. That’s about $6,000 a pair that will last you 5 years. That’s $1200 a year, $23 a week, or $3.30 a day. ( . The Sonar technology will cost around $800-$1000 as well ( ) . So firmly with development and alterations it may cost somewhere between $3000-$3500.  Now this is a steep price for anyone, however we are working on having monthly cost instalments over 5 years. Allowing the occupants be able to use the technology without being in debt. Also we are looking it be claimed by also health insurance, allowing them use their insurance to help in these situations as well.

The social impacts of this technology will allow the person to be able too engage in activities by themselves. Using the Sonar and virtual reality this will allow the person to be able to understand their environment and keep awareness of any dangers around them. This technology will give the person their own individuality, to assume responsibility of what they can do.  However how would the wider community that does have normal vision feel about these massive technology changes towards the visually impaired or blind? From research a lot of positives would come into play, equal opportunity for those who are visually impaired. In fact there wouldn’t be much of a down side, with the visually impaired being more independent this can allow disability services to focus on other areas of needs. This following scholar article by Alexy Bhowmick looks into technology and its affect throughout society (file:///Users/Staff/Downloads/art3A10.10072Fs12193-016-0235-6.pdf) .

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