How will Sonar Reality Influence the Future?

The Technology that I’m trying to explore is well into development today. The Company Sonar Glasses have already started and developed glasses that work for the blind. However they haven’t reached mainstream media, making it hard for them to expand their business. Our business is looking at different technology’s that have been well documented, in which they’ve assisted the visually impaired of blind. But how does this technology look in the next few years.

5 years from now the technology will relatively be the same, however the scope of VR and sonar will be more prominent in communities throughout the world. By then the new generation of PlayStations will be out (PS5) meaning the new generation of VR will be introduced as well. Sonar and brain implants will also become more of a common element in medical practice. This can be seen in the article ( the highlights blind patients being tested with a bionic eye in 2017. 5 years from now I still think the technology will grow, in fact it will be reaching more of  a public viewing.

10 years from now id say the technology will be as common as any other procedure. Being this is speculative this far into the future, we can assume that newer technology around brain implants; sonar and VR will be introduced. At this time I still don’t think the technology we are looking at now will be obsolete but it will eventually fade out for the new wave of tech.

25 years from now I can probably guarantee there will be new technology that’s not only assisted the blind or visually impaired to be able to see, but has made the technology of today obsolete. Being that’s its defiantly on the speculative sides of the scales, it would be hard to comprehend what type of technology would be in place. As each passing year or few years technology begins to leap into the next phase.

50 years from now, was probably the hardest too imagine. If we look back 50 years ago in the past and how society plus technology was in that time, it would be harder to imagine what the future would look like in 50 years. For this I looked at the best form of media to help me understand his type of format. The movie/ tv-show Genre of Sci-Fi is a major in influencing many companies for going beyond and making things impossible possible. So I looked into blade runner, avatar and other sci fi movies; how they have developed their technology. A lot of assisting technology for those who are disabled or amputees can be seen with new robotic limbs and arms.  So at this point id assume that bionic eyes would be also available as well.  More so AI, could be a major progression into society as well as robotic assistance such as self-driving, or home appliance help etc. this scholar article highlights how globalization will affect technology throughout the future, also highlighting key areas I’ve talked about. (file:///Users/Staff/Downloads/Howtechischangingwork2016.pdf )

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