Military Use of this Sonar Reality in the Future

After analyzing the diagnostics and articulation of combing the technology I can see the military and governments using it for their own assistance. Sonar isn’t new too military warfare, its been around since 1906 and was made by Lewis Nixon who’d made it listen for icebergs. However French physicist was the first person to construct the device to listen for other submarines. With todays technology using satellite imaging and drone footage the warfare game as changed. More so night vision has always been hard to use, due to the fact of having massive headgear, and hard visibility. However using something like sonar reality it could be able to construct the surrounding environment enabling the ground troops too locate and safely use the gear to execute missions. Throughout the world here is always similar developments in different military’s, for example the air force has been testing self flying air crafts without human occupants in them, the pilot is controlling the aircraft from a safe location from a far. This not only has provided assistance into keep the fatality rate down, but also has allowed more training and development for new technology ( . The military are always looking for new technology to help evolve their armory, but more so to help protect their troops from being injured.

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