Concerns for Sonar Reality

Sonar Reality is standing upon groundbreaking technology. Not only does it combine sonar and virtual reality but tracers the brainwaves of the patient to suit and map out the surroundings.  After hearing a lot of positives about the technology, I wanted to draw attention to any concerns that may rise up during development.

One concern that came up was what if the technology was too turn off or go dark on the person wearing it. Wouldn’t it leave them stranded and helpless? Yes, however through my research I’ve discovered a back up mechanism that will allow the person be able to help the those who are visually impaired. I’ve looked into an additional small monitor that sits on your hand, this monitor users a vibration system too help located the nearest door or equipment needed for the headset. But the most important kit, if the person is isolated the wrist monitor has buttons in brail that sends out a pulse that allows distress calls for help.  ( ).

Also another alternative is using this new cane device that branches into the areas of echolocation. Maybe using the cane should be made mandatory with sonar reality, allowing the individual to feel more confront knowing they have support in their own bearings.

( )

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