Exposure of Sonar Reality

Throughout the weeks I utilized the internet by spreading and expanding my audience by creating as much awareness as I could. My first option, which I used, was twitter; this allowed me but links and hash tags for my audience to access. I took this as a marketing approach in terms I needed quick access for people to locate and find my information on the go. Knowing so many people have busy lives, I tried small and concise tweets on my personal accounts and sharing them too different pages. Using videos about technology or breakthroughs too even having a small poll for the public. From responses from online, it wasn’t affective enough I felt. I had a couple of likes and a retweet. But still didn’t find enough traction. However in April I had enough time to go out and talk to people face too face. For me this was the best decision, it a loud me to break down any questions they had, but more importantly creating the human connection and contact. This allowed me to grab signatures and names for the petition if the person would support the technology. A lot were happy to sign however a few said they’d support but without signing the form.

Twitter link (https://twitter.com/BrandonCotter10  )

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