DA Contextual essay

Over the last few weeks for the first time I created a Digital Artifacts. Throughout the DA I tried to highlight many areas of iterations and importance I’ve made during the course the weeks. The Conceptual idea for my DA was to try to speculate and in doing so highlight how the technology I’ve created “Sonar Reality” with real evidence, being able too assist those who are blind or visually impaired. I thought if the idea when I saw an ad online showcasing how hard it is to have a disability of some sought. This prompted in my mind, to do some research into areas I could improve on. Once I found an area that was well documented into having research but more so allowed me still some room to explore, I was able to conceptualized the idea of Sonar Reality. I went into great lengths in my blogs to showcase further information that I’ve read into each post. Not only does each post have my breakdown of the area but further evidence exploring it as well in greater depth. I wanted this Blog website to be a area where you could find information as well links to other areas to help further research into the curing the blind. This would benefit the social utility of people who are blind or researchers whom are looking for information as well.  I found success in gathering information, as there is so much about each individual technology, however it was evident that it each one had to be carefully articulated to work coherently. I found it hard too keep up too date with anything new, also making sure I don’t repeat the same information I’ve spoken about already. More so I made few variations and iterations to my DA blog from the comments from peers. I tried to answer questions they provided in terms of military use of Sonar Technology, but also the negative affects if my technology was too break. Also I wanted my information being concise and easy too read, so people didn’t have to spend a day finding critical information. When I first approached the future cultures DA challenge I was on new ground. Trying to find the right medium and concept to allow me to explore a technology that will shape the future really intrigued me. As it raised the question of how do I create something different but relatable in someway.  Overall I really enjoyed this class and assignment, it made me look into areas id never thought id be exploring. More so I was able to contract ideas of how the world will be in terms of society. I feel I challenged myself to do research but also to address the future of the world. At the end of the day the students of bcm325 are the future of the world, meaning some of these wild ideas may be used and come true in our lifetime.

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